Action links of web application

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Few thoughts about action links here :

– Action links start with verb on the contrary Navigation links usually describe the target.

– Gmail uses buttons only for most commonly used & for primary actions, So all the actions can’t be buttons, they can be plain text links.

– Yahoo uses action text link to change CAPTCHA image which is next to it but primary & secondary buttons such as create an account(highlighted with a different color) & cancel button uses the grey color.

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Brainstorming sessions.

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Brainstorming Sessions :

It’s used to stimulate creative ideas/thinking, It’s designed to help thinking patterns into new ways of looking at things.

By doing such sessions we can generate lot of ideas & then determine which ideas best solve the problem.

In such sessions people give ideas/ solutions, no criticism allowed which can stop or discourage ideas.

Such sessions can be of 25-30 minutes & depending upon the criteria top 5 solutions will be selected to solve the problem statement.

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Branding is not a logo, not an identity, not a product. It is differentiating the product & bringing focus at the maximum.
So branding is generating Trust, which comes from meeting customer expectations.

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5 Things are very important in Usability for a web-page

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1. Having search feature : Placing search on top left or top right left ensures immediate visibility to the users.

2. Special attension to the web-page/layout : Eye catchy headings/ subheadings, bullets, bold text are needed, so the user focus is more on highlighted areas, while reading the content.

3. Keeping the user interface simple & consistent : Design should be intuitive means self explanatory. Keeping the interface simple & clear makes the easier navigation for the user. New users/ first time users quickly become regulars if the interface design is simple & consistent. As it will be very easy to user to understand.

4. Proper structure of web forms : Text hints needed in the input fields (for first name, last name, birth day, birth year etc.) for no ambiguity to the required input field order style or type. Text hints will be removed when the user focuses on the input field. Chunking or grouping items logically section-wise as distinct topics, which makes the user understand easily & quickly fill out the form items. For user action there should be proper responses to reduce confusions. After filling the form, user should get feedback or confirmation. User should be properly guided/ suggested for the form fill out errors. Errors should be properly listed out with correcting hints.

5. Help feature is very important : All the users are not technically sound. So the interface need to be intuitive & easily accessible to the areas in order to get, “what to do ? ” for “what they want” !! Help feature plays crucial role to prevent the user from being discouraged from using the site. If they can’t figure out for what they want easily & if there is no alternate way to seek help feature then they will try to look for a site where they can figure out the things easily.

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Persona is fictitious/artificial chracter created to understand the target user group. It includes specific user requirement, information, preference, daily activities etc. Which develops realistic scenarios & useful for the evaluation of useable websites &  products. It’s a part of User centered Design Process.


Good Design

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while designing an interface, the following features need to take into consideration to reduce rework.

What is a great Design ?
– A design talks about benefits not features.
– A design which doesn’t make user to think.
People don’t read , they scan, So better to make it obvious & clickable rather discoverable 🙂

Design & Human behavior

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Construction of houses require understanding of both the construction materials & the behavior of real humans… same applies to “Application Interface Design” =”Design & human behavior”

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